Explore and interact with the story of the Good Samaritan through worship, celebration, and legislative meetings. With “Courage” as the theme, we will consider the example of Jesus, the peaceful One.

Plan to be a part of this special event from 22-28 April 2023.

We will divide our journey to World Conference into three pieces. Each will last three months, offering spiritual formation, education, and community-building opportunities for individuals and groups.


Legislation Exploration Sessions were be held weekly as an opportunity to explore legislative proposals with others around the church through weekly Zoom events. These sessions were recorded and have been posted for your review. 

Join us for 2023 World Conference from 22-28 April 2023. Registration is now open! Register before March 1st to receive the early bird rate. 

World Conference officially begins with the opening legislative meeting at 10:00 a.m. CT on April 22nd and concludes with a sending forth on April 28th. Pre-conference activities begin on April 21st. 

Review 2023 World Conference legislation.