Temple School

Upcoming Ministry and Priesthood classes:

If you are preparing for priesthood ministry, make plans to attend the appropriate classes. USA enrollment for this sessions elearning classes is open now.

To enroll, please visit http://developmetrics.org and click on the “USA Registration Form.”

Dates and Times

Upcoming eLearning Classes: Registration for enrollment is now open (first-come, first-served) for these online classes:


·      Ministry of the Priest (MP304): 8-weeks, August 1 – September 25
·      Ministry of the Elder (MP305):  8-weeks, August 1 – September 25 
·      Introduction to Priesthood Ministry: 8-weeks, August 1 – September 25
Each class is $25 and should be paid before class begins via check or PayPal. 

Though not required, you can choose to purchase the booklet for this class in PDF format through Herald House. The elearning class has the most up-to-date version of this booklet, but it will not be available to you soon after the class ends.

Location: ONLINE REGISTRATION pages at http://developmetrics.org