As a minister of presence the priest shares the peace of Jesus Christ and promotes communities of justice and peacefulness. The priest models “Jesus as Friend” when expressing his or her ministry with families, in community and in congregations.

The Priest shares God’s gift of unconditional love with individuals and families affirming the value of each ones life as a beloved child of God. The Priest interacts with families, traditional or nontraditional, to support their spiritual growth and discipleship response through prayer, knowledge of scripture, and through nurturing relationships. They extend the hand of reconciliation to those with broken hearts and spirits and help in finding pathways for healing. In congregations, the Priest, shares the ministry of Jesus Christ seeking to bring peace and wholeness into every life. The Priest officiates in baptism, the Lord’s Supper, marriage, and ordination of other members of the Aaronic priesthood. Priests encourage and promote participation in congregational life. They visit homes and spend time with members and friends. They preach and teach and proclaim Jesus Christ as they lead others in the ministry of caring and shepherding. Priests advocate for members and families in the community through their involvement in the workplace, schools, civic organization, and social agencies. Priests are knowledgeable and informed about community services that may help those in need.