Hi, my name is McLane Graffeo, I am 12 years old and in 7th grade. I attend the Good Shepherd congregation in the Central Mission Center. During the quarantine, I have been secluded but it doesn’t mean I have to be away from the church. Here are somethings that I have done to stay involved.

  • Bible Study @ 4pm Mondays MS + HS
  • Elevate – 2x A Month @ 7pm Wednesdays MS + HS
  • Activity Night 2x A Month @ 7pm Wednesdays MS + HS
  • MS Chats @ 4pm Thursdays MS
  • Online Church Services
  • Campfire w/ the Harpers-Curtis and Natalie @ 7pm Sundays
  • CU@7 (See You At 7 pm) Every Night
    • Driveway Visits to Church or camp friends

I’ve been impressed with all of the creative ways people have been able to keep in touch with each other during the quarantine. Thank You To Tyler Horringa, Central Mission Youth Leader, for organizing so many youth activities during the quarantine. Thank you, Greg Wilson & Laura Reed, And Other Central Mission Staff for all you are doing for the Central Mission Center to keep everyone connected in these rough times.We visit Neighbors On A Walk With Rufus-We wave, chat from a distance, or pray for their family if they’re not outside. Two families are church members. 

McLane Graffeo