As a minister of vision the high priest shares the peace of Jesus Christ and promotes communities of justice and peacefulness. The high priest models “Jesus as mentor” when expressing his or her ministry with individuals and families, in community and in congregations.

High priests are world church ministers who stand in the breach between what is and what is yet to be. They are ministers of Christ who stand for peace and justice, bridge cultures and people, and foster spiritual growth and wholeness. As bridging ministers, high priests honor the past and envision the future. They keep the vision of God’s peaceable kingdom before the people as they communicate the church’s identity, message, mission, and beliefs. High priests communicate the profound difference that tithing makes in the life of individuals, communities, and the world. High priests use their skills and talents to improve leadership effectiveness and build support systems for congregations and communities. High priests officiate in the sacraments of the church and are to be spiritually sensitive as they preach, teach, counsel, and offer comfort as ministers of Jesus Christ.