As a minister of blessing the evangelist shares the peace of Jesus Christ and promotes communities of justice and peacefulness. The evangelist models “Jesus as Companion” when expressing his or her ministry with individuals in community and in congregations.

Evangelists are servant ministers of spiritual vigor, having deep faith in God, serving with unreserved consecration and love for people. Evangelists nurture individuals and communities in their spiritual growth, equipping each one for their unique service. Evangelists seek to build up the body in unity of faith and the knowledge of the Son of God, so others may become mature to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. Evangelists officiate in all sacraments of the church including the evangelist’s blessing. The evangelist blessing is a sacred rite of the church that can help people to recognize the divine nature of God that lives within them. Through response to this divine presence, the evangelist blessing can nurture and assure people of their identity and eternal worth before God. Evangelists serve the body as spiritual companion, apostolic witness, teacher/learner, and a pastoral presence. The evangelist shares the journey of spiritual development with others and strives to develop within themselves and others an authentic relationship with God and a deep sense of God’s Spirit in all of life.