Join us as we journey to England......

This past summer during the International Youth Forum, youth from the British Isles, Europe and Central Mission had the opportunity to create personal relationships (that continue through social media) that raised awareness of our sheltered view and understanding of the worldwide community to which we belong. Being members together in this Global Sacred Community implies that we share more than just a name.  We share a vision of God’s kingdom.  We share Christ’s mission in the world.  We share enduring principles that express God’s values for life. We share a future full of possibility! Experiencing the church in other nations will help shape our present and future leaders by seeing Community of Christ through lenses that are different from our own and yet share the common influences that call us to community.

Date: July 27 - August 10, 2020

Location: Dunfield House, England

Cost: Approximately $1100

Grades 9 thru 12 as of school year 2019-2020

More Details

Over the next 18 months, 20 youth and 8 leaders, will journey together in a leadership development project as we prepare to join youth from Europe and Britain for Eurotribe 2020, a camp held every 4 years in the Western Europe Mission Center.

Participants must commit to attend quarterly leadership training that will include lessons and practice in Worship Leading, in Theological Development (including Community of Christ Theology, Understanding God in a multicultural world, Mission, and others), in developing skills to create sacred community, in exploring the meaning of a global church and how that impacts our lives.

 They must also commit to meet at least quarterly to raise funds as a group to cover a portion of group costs for the experience.

Finally, they must commit to travel to Europe with an expansive vision to experience God’s love in the global Community of Christ.