As a minister of mission the elder shares the peace of Jesus Christ and promotes communities of justice and peacefulness. The elder models “Jesus as Servant” when expressing his or her ministry with individuals and families, in community and in congregations.

The ministry of the elder is to bring people to Christ. Elders bring meaning and hope into the lives of people through the acts of preaching, teaching, presiding, leading, serving, and officiating of the sacraments. Through the sacraments, the church offers its members and friends a way of understanding and sharing in a deeper spiritual reality. Elders are servant ministers who preside or serve in congregations in direct and tangible ways. Elders serve as teachers and guides working alongside other disciples to grasp an understanding of the specific activities of ministry and the larger mission of the church. Thus, when disciples clean the church, teach a class, or serve food to the homeless these concrete acts contribute to the whole mission and vision of Gods Peaceable Kingdom on earth. Elders help other disciples to understand these connections as they proclaim Jesus Christ and promote communities of joy, hope, love, and peace. An elder is a living expression of Christ’s peace in the communities where they live, work, and worship.