2020 Special Online Mission Center Conference

November 8 & 15 

2pm – 4pm

Zoom Webinar

December 6th-

Conference Communion Worship & World Church Ordinations 

10:45 am

Central USA Mission Center will be conducting an online special conference in this fall to address specific business before the mission center.  The conference will include two (2) business sessions and one (1) worship session. 

Due to this being a unique year we are asking that you make sure to read all the details when registering. Each email address will be receiving an individualized link that can NOT be shared with anyone else. If there are multiple members in your home that are planning to vote each person needs to be registered and logged on separately. If you have any questions please reach out to Laura Reed at laurareed@centralmission.org.

The schedule is as follows:

         8 November 2020- 2-4pm

                  Campus RV Park Board Elections

                  Campus RV Park Audits             

                  Central Mission Center Audits

                  Central Mission Center 2021 Operating Budget

                  Update on Bridge of Hope

         15 November 2020- 2-4pm

                  Consideration of World Church Priesthood Calls

                  Center Place Campgrounds, Inc. Board Elections

                  Center Place Campgrounds, Inc. Audits

                  Center Place Campgrounds, Inc. 2021 Budget

                  Resolution to assist Lake Doniphan through Covid-19

                  Sustaining Mission Center Officers

                  Sustaining Ministerial Staff

                  Sustaining Support Staff

                  Sustaining Mission Center Council

         6 December 2020- 10:45am

                  Conference Communion Worship

                  World Church Ordinations

This conference will be conducted using Zoom webinar.  Please watch for additional information to be released in the coming days on how to register as a voting participant in this online conference.