As a minister of presence the teacher shares the peace of Jesus Christ and promotes communities of justice and peacefulness. The teacher models “Jesus as Peacemaker” when expressing his or her ministry of reconciliation with individuals and families in the community and congregation.

A teacher is a minister who endeavors to develop a healing, redeeming, and prayerful environment. They are sensitive to the needs of the congregation and encourage participation and inclusion of all in sharing the blessings of community. A teacher upholds the worth of all people through respect and compassion for each ones life journey. A teacher helps individuals build positive self-images and self-esteem. Peacemaking and conflict resolution are a primary focus of a teacher’s ministry. They promote awareness for peace and justice issues in the church as well as local communities and global concerns. The teacher fosters positive communication and helps people to build relationships based on love, respect, and acceptance. A teacher is instrumental in promoting an environment that is ready to listen and slow to criticize.