Hello Again, 2023 High School Campers!

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Whenever you need a dose of camp spirit, make your way back here to

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  • Remind yourself of that warm fuzzy camp feeling

You can also check out the other events happening throughout the school year!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s… Dive In.

Camp Pictures

From cabin photos to free-time candids, find your favorite snaps in our camp gallery.

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Our Themes

Day 2: Have Courage to Give Love

Scripture:  Isaiah 11:1-10

Day 3: Have Courage to Share Joy

Scripture: Isaiah 35:1-10

Day 4: Have Courage to Uncover Hope

Scripture: Isaiah 40:1-11

Day 5: Have Courage to Work Towards Peace

Scripture: Isaiah 2:1-5

Day 6: Have Courage to Promote Communities of Love, Joy, Hope, & Peace

Scripture: Isaiah 61:1-2

How Can I Connect with Camp Friends?

Whether you’re still in high school or have graduated to young adult status, there are plenty of opportunities to see your camp friends year-round!


Join us every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month for snacks, games, and a short lesson with friends!

High School Retreat

Take your chance to get back to Camp Doniphan this winter – It’s 3 days full of fellowship and fun.


Meet up with friends this spring at Rally, where you’ll enjoy 4 nights of music, games, and guest speakers.


Not in high school anymore? Check out Young Adult Ministry. We have regular events and retreats, too!

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