As a minister of presence the deacon shares the peace of Jesus Christ and promotes communities of justice and peacefulness. The deacon models “Jesus as Comforter” when expressing his or her ministry of service nurturing individuals and families in the community and congregation.

As a minister of Jesus Christ, the deacon seeks out the needs of the poor, the sick, the helpless, and the unloved to provide assistance through the stewardship response of time, talent, and financial resources. The deacon is sensitive to the spiritual, physical, and temporal needs of individuals and families of the congregation. They welcome all who come to church and provide a comforting environment for worship and fellowship. A deacon values the variety of form and style for worship and assists in preparing the people for worship. Through the ministries of preparation, the sacraments of the church can enrich the spiritual life of the body. A deacon organizes and responds to the needs of the congregation as they model the ministry of Jesus through caring and sharing with individuals and families of the church. A deacon provides ministry as a leader and is an exemplary steward who is able to teach others the wise use of agency and accountability.