Young Adult Ministry

Welcome to Central USA Mission Center’s Young Adult Ministry an extension of Community of Christ. We are a thoughtful loving inclusive family of faith, who are focused on building a community which nurtures relationships, embraces mission as a way of life, and advocates for peace and justice. Young Adult ministries encourages the spiritual growth of young adults across the world through events, activities, and adventures. 


In Community of Christ one of our enduring principles is “worth of all persons” and when we say all we mean it. Community of Christ was one of the first churches in the United States to openly support the marriage and ordination of LGBTQIA2S+ persons and continue our commitment to loving all of our neighbors. Love is love and we believe that diversity and inclusion align us more with the love that God has for each of us.

Leadership Includes: 

Cory Arnold, Elias Wilson, Ian Wilson, Madeline Williams, Elizabeth Martin, Carter Martin, Nate Cochran, Jay Lysinger, Bri Frank, Shannon Hogue, Rylee Norman


October 23rd 2021

Harvesting With Harvesters

3-6 pm @ Lake Jacomo Shelter House 14 

April 1-3rd 2022

Young Adult Retreat

Location: Lake Doniphan Conference and Retreat Center

Upcoming Events

Mission Matters

Abolish Poverty and Suffering

Develop Disciples To Serve

Pursue Peace On Earth


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