Events and Worship Opportunities

Central USA Mission Center congregation worship service information is updated weekly here. You can also come back to this website each month to see our Communion Worship Service on the first Sunday of each month.

Temple School clearing

The following classes will be open July 6 for a limited enrollment:

  • Ministry of the Priest (MP304): 8-weeks, July 31Sept. 24 – $25
  • Ministry of the Elder (MP305): 8-weeks, July 31Sept. 24 – $25
  • Introduction to Priesthood (MP300): 8-weeks, July 31Sept. 24 – $25
  • Attention 70’s: Contact your quorum president to find out about a scripture class being provided this session for Seventy’s. 
To enroll, go to and click on the “USA Registration Form” when registration opens on July 6. Space limited.