Central USA Mission Center Community of Christ would like invite you to come to Adventurer’s Reunion 2022. This experience is designed to provide adults who are looking for an epic adventure with an opportunity to come together and do just that.  Hiking, singing, exploring, climbing, playing, laughing, spiritual activities, dialogue, and worship will all be a part of this unique gathering. The mountains are calling and you know you want to go!!!





-Spiritual Activities

-Fly Fishing*

-and more!

*additional charges are required for these activities 

**Adventurer’s Reunion does not provide programming for children or youth less than 18 years old.

For questions, please email Eli Wilson at eliaswilson@centralmission.org or call (816) 878-7688

Dates: July 31 – August 7, 2022 

Where: YMCA of the Rockies, Winter Park, CO

Registration and Fees: Reserve your spot with a $25 deposit available until May 1st, 2022

All meals, lodging, and designated YMCA programing is included in the registration fee. The rooms available at the YMCA of the Rockies are dorm style rooms so expect 3-5 adults per room (unless a 2 person room is requested). All participants must be 18 or older.

$/person to stay in a 4-person room.

$/person to stay in a 3-person room.

$/person to stay in a 2-person room.

All rates will increase $50 after May 1st, 2022.  Pay per day rates are available if you are unable to join us for the entire week!